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Dye Sublimation
Dye-Sub Transfer

What is

When dye-sub ink is vaporized by heat, it goes through the molecular architecture of chemicals, and dye material.


Comparing with the pigment ink print, the dye-sub transfer is much brighter and more vivid in color without turbidity.

Since the dye-sub ink goes through the thin fabrics such as flag and banner materials, you can see the mirroring image of the flag clearly from the back.
1. No need for pre-treated medias. Economical media can be used.
2. Dye-sub transfer is not printing, it is dyeing. So, it won’t diminish the texture of fabrics.
3. Dye sub transfer is water-resistant. Best for outdoor use.
No need for making plates.
Excellent washing fastness
Various medias
Fabrics(Polyester fabrics such as Pongees, Tropicals, Suedes )
PET films, Flexible Face sheet, tarpaulin, Mesh sheet, Plastic Panels, P-tiles, MDF, FRP, Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel plates with surface treatment (Anything which can resist heat up to 150 degrees C.)



Print on the transfer paper with dye-sub inks
Ink is settles on the transfer paper
Stick the transfer paper to the media
Peel the paper off
Ink penetrates into the media